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Oct 3


Why localites does not allow travel agents to be a part of its community?

Because most travel agents do not know what the heck traveling is! They just know how much money you’ve in your pocket!

How could you even trust someone to take you around the city who does not know the meaning of what traveling is all about? We’re travelers who don’t like hiring a travel agent/guide/translator/company AT ALL. It drops the quality of fun and makes things boring. Simply put, travel agents just suck your trips!

To us, it does not make a sense of repeating the same pattern again and again in the travel industry. If you don’t like something, at least try to change it. That’s what we are trying to do. We want to make sure that you do not waste your money by hiring travel agents or traditional tour guides. Travel with the localites from the city who are really passionate about traveling and more importantly, travel with those who had traveled in their lives and took a step outside their city.

Do you see the point?

localites is a global community of travel lovers. And communities make us feel connected to each other. All the people in the localites community are travelers just like you. We (at localites) are committed to taking you deeper into the cities you travel to by connecting you with the true travelers. Exploring a couple of touristic attractions of the city does not complete your trip to that city.

Wait, ask yourself these question about the city you’ve visited in the past:

1. Have you tried what the food locals eat in their day-to-day lives?
2. Do you know what the clothing localites wear there?
3. Do you know how they celebrate festivals?
4. Do you know how people greet each other in families?
5. Do you know what their eating schedule is?
6. Do you know what are the local drinks they like the most?
7. Have you gone out in the night and experienced the nightlife?
8. Have you made any friends?
9. Have you gone on a long drive with someone from that city and ate at some highway roadside?
10. Have you gone deeper the city and explored the true culture and rituals people follow there?

Some of you may have answers to a few of the above questions, but not all of the above. Because we’ve traveled so far as tourists, not as a community traveler. So do you like wasting your money just like that? I don’t think so. Then why don’t just be a part of the community of localites from all over the world and get access to the real-world and allow localites to make your travel worthy and exciting?

We’re a community and expect genuine human beings to be part of it. If someone tries to use it for commercial purposes against the community guidelines, the community won’t waste time in taking appropriate action. We want everyone to travel like a community and help each other.

It’s completely up to the person if he wants to charge while he takes you around or travels with you for free. The localites community does not recommend anything in setting pricing. We’re open to both cultures. We know your time is valuable so give you an option if you want to set an hourly rate. Also, we believe if you’re someone who likes making friends and taking them through the city, you’re welcome to show them freely!

Join the global community of localites and travel and meet new people. Download the community app from Google Play or App Store and start your journey today!

Thanks for reading.

Have a good day!
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