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Aug 31


What is localites?

For decades the way of traveling has always been the same. People would pack their bags, board a plane or train, reach the destination, rest for a while in a hotel or on a friend’s couch, and then would visit a couple of tourist places in the city.

The boredom of visiting these places is sooner or later gonna end. Not everyone is interested in visiting these places. Traveling in itself has many tastes to touch. Some people love visiting historical places whereas some likes to sit on a chair of some rooftop bar. Some like to go beyond their limits and experience wildlife where others love eating local street food. Some would take their wings and jump from a plane for skydiving where some would stay underwater for scuba.

Traveling industry is human-oriented. You can never make someone visit this or that place based on your experience. One would go there only if he feels of going. Else, it’ll not connect with his interests and way of enjoyment. And that’s a big problem with it. You cannot estimate or target sales in any quarter by looking at the past results because it varies a lot. It’s easy to calculate numbers sometimes then see results.

Another aspect of living is employment and sources of income. Everyone needs this. Yeah, in sweet words, it looks good that you don’t need money to stay happy or healthy. But, dude, you do. You do need employment or any source of income to stay alive today.

Most people can easily manage to keep one income in their life. Which is never enough for them or their families. You need to have an alternative source of income to spread your wings and fly. Traveling and the alternative source of income are quite related to each other. If you’ve one income source and a family of 3–4 people, you would not be able to take world trips every now and then. But if you have an alternative source of income which generates constant income for you to support your family, then you can plan as many trips you want.

Income sources always need a constant working pattern. You cannot just plugin and make money (except localites.co). You need to be around or dirty your hands to keep it going. Once you stop, everything stops.

But what if there could’ve been a solution to this? What if someone can plugin anytime to earn money from traveling? What if you do not need clients but friends whom you just show the city and make money being a localite? What if you can have an alternative source of income whenever you want?

That’s what localites does! It makes your life simple. It offers you an alternative source of income to keep you going on the path you’re already on. You don’t need to go through any interview process to be a localite on localites, instead, you have to be the actual version of yourself. You have to be the person you are, not someone whom you admire or pretend to be.

Localites on localites prefers making friends and traveling with them. Mostly everyone on localites has social-acceptance. They aren’t afraid of making a stranger their friend.

How does localites work?

It’s very simple. You download the app and click on the ‘Continue with Facebook’ to login. And complete your profile with all the required things. As your gender, date of birth, hourly rate, currency, interests, what you can offer, and whether you can offer hosting and pickup service. Once you’ve completed, you’re done! Way to go!

Then if you’re traveling to other cities, you can change your status from ‘Accepting Trip Requests or Maybe Accepting Trip Requests to ‘Not Accepting Trip Requests’. If you also know the city you are going so well, you can still keep the status so that you can receive requests in that city also.

IMP: In this case, do not forget to change your location.

Being a traveler, you can also create your trips. For example: if you’re planning to visit London, UK in the next month, you can just create a trip in your public trips and enable ‘Let localites send me offers’ to receive offers from them so that you’d save your time in exploring. That’s a smart way of traveling!

If you’re a localite, not traveling at the moment, you just need to keep your location and status updated.

NOTE: You won’t receive any trip request if your status is set to ‘Not Accepting Trip Requests’.

Once you receive a trip request, you would have options of accepting or denying it from your inbox. Unless you choose to decide of saying yes or no, you won’t have access to initiate a chat for that request. Once you’ve accepted or denied, the chat option would be enabled, even if the person cancels the request.

How do payments work on localites?

Again, it’s simpler than you thought. You do not need to make any payment to or via localites community application. Seriously? Yes. We just help you in connecting you with people whom you can choose and decide to travel with. For that, we do not charge anything. What we show is just to let you know that this would be the amount you need to pay to the localite once your trip is done or whatever your mutual understanding is at the time of the meeting.

What’s localites subscription?

localites’ subscription allows you to send unlimited trip requests, will enable ‘premium localite’ label on your profile and you’ll have access to plenty of filters available to narrow down the search.

We offer three kinds of subscriptions.

1. Monthly Subscription (Recurring)
2. Yearly Subscription (Recurring)
3. Forever or One Time Registration Fee

First two subscriptions are recurring and you would be charged once the cycle completes. And our last subscription is a one-time registration fee. You won’t be charged again to continue on our platform.

What about safety?

We’ve added a safety manual to our website. Please go through it carefully.

We hope we’ve answered most of your questions. If you still have any doubts, don’t shy contacting us anytime. We are reachable via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and email us at: [email protected]

Join the global community of localites and travel and meet people from the real world. Download the community app from Google Play or App Store and start your journey today!

Thanks for reading.

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