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Oct 31


Types of travelers

Flamingos, whales, bees and humans are few among the many species who travel and migrate often. Humans who travel are indeed a special category all together. Each one is special in their own way, with their own unique habits and reasons to travel.

Right here we have a list of types of travelers that all of us often come across.

1. Planners of the plan-et

These are the travelers who do their research and plan their trips to the minute. Where to stay, where to go on what day, what to eat, and every little detail possible. They are not very spontaneous people, and love colour coding as much as they love the mountains or museums. Planning is their favourite part of traveling. Within these categories, we sure all have that one friend who have their entire trip to Europe planned, with no intention of going there, but would plan trips for the sheer joy that comes out of the task.

2. The Foodie

Travel is all about food, food and food. Sight-seeing is just something they do between meals, to give time to their stomachs to be hungry again. The whole point of travelling is to try out the local cuisine. Street food to fancy famous restaurants they try it all. To travel an entire vacation around food is a completely normal and expected thing to do. After all, what is more important in life than food.

3. The photographers

Either clicking or posing, but they are only here for the pictures. They can be annoying companions and the most ‘touristy’ travelers you will ever meet. They will stop at every little thing for a picture. Traveling is for capturing. They are either motivated by the need of having a cool social media feed, or showing off to the world. We all take pictures all right. But to them, travelling without a camera is as pointless as swimsuits on Mt. Everest.

4. The ‘anthropologists’

These are old school travelers, who moved and migrated to learn from new experiences. They wanted to know what life in different cities and communities is like. They enjoy their tourist experience with the locals. They learn the local ways of the place in whatever way they like. Hiring localites through the global platform of travelers and local hosts, engaging in local activities, and constantly looking for the real adventures. Authentic and real experience are more important to them than any mainstream tourist experience.

5. The soul searcher

This type often travels alone. They are out in the world trying to find the purpose of life, meet their inner self and find nirvana. The range from a spectrum of delusional weed smokers to old sages, but they all stand apart from the usual travelers with maps and portable chargers. Looking for the meaning of life, they hold very little interest in pictures, the museums or souvenirs shops.

We think, whichever type they might be, travelers are the most amazing people from our species. To move around and explore is indeed the true goal of human life, and travelers are out there, fulfilling this purpose. The localites community platform aims to bring these travelers across the globe together, and give them the opportunity to interact with the locals when they are on the road, and host travelers when they are at home. If you like traveling, you are meant to be here.

If you want to learn more about the community, spend some time on the website and join the global community of localites and travel and meet people from all over the world. Download the community app from Google Play or App Store and start your journey today!

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