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Nov 4


Travel; because money returns, time does not

All humans have an innate desire to explore and feed our curiosities about the nature of the world. While our ancestors, who were hunters and gatherers, travelled freely, with only the capacity of their physical strength, the humans of today are limited by money.

We might have the effective technology and transport mediums to take us to the other corner of the world, but we all are held back by our pockets and the need to continuously fill them. What we often don’t understand is that the human in its true form, is neither bound by strength nor by money but only by time.

Time is the only resource which is truly scarce and limited to any life. Indeed the resource most precious and yet the one that is most taken for granted is time. Any life that takes a form, is meant to go extinguish and disappear. Within this frame between birth and death, is what we call life, and that is all the time we have to make it count.

Today humans have somehow managed to kill this urge of ‘making life count’. We use phrases like you only live once to do the most mediocre things in life and constantly get caught up in the everyday hustle of earning money.

Don’t get us wrong. We love money and everything it is capable of bringing to our lives. But Nusseir Yasin aka NasDaily, one of the most popular travel bloggers, the famous man behind the 1000 days of 1 minute videos and now the author of the book “Around the World in 60 seconds” , recently said that “ A twice an increase in income comes with only 15% increase in happiness” Alyne Tamir, another popular travel blogger who travelled 60 countries even before she graduated has also spoken about how she would prioritize travelling over everything else in her life, and through working hard and saving consistently, she has now travelled to 70 countries and is popular around the world. Both these bloggers are extremely honest about how much they love earning money, always wanted to become rich because of the adversities of their childhood, but also wanted to make the best of their lives while doing so.

Exploration is the purpose of human life, the moment a soul does not get the stimulation it deserves from nature, meeting new people, and knowing more about the human world, it certainly dies a little every day. If we don’t start travelling in our young adulthood, we probably won’t be able to do so even when we are old and rich. Because money is not limited and it will return to your life eventually, but time once lost, is always lost.

We often make a clear idea about how we want our life to be, the jobs we would do, the house we would live in and then if there is time left, may be travel around a bit, without realizing that as we neatly jot down this plan, there is no way we know if we really have so much time in hand. Death is certain; it is life that is arbitrary.

All we are trying to say is, that from all the love and care in our hearts, we would really like you to slow down and find time for that city or country you always wanted to visit. That time when you were watching a movie or a post on social media or a documentary, and you wished that one day even you could go to the place shown. The little promise we made ourselves to take time out and go around the world. All those moments of wishes and promises, are as precious as the moments you have now and once passed they will return. So plan your next travel adventure and live your life before it passes away in front of your eyes.

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