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Oct 5


No commission! No deduction!

localites is a global community of people from all around the world who love to share the beauty of their cities with travelers. In return, localites can choose to charge for it or offer for free.

We believe that if you’re putting your time and effort into something, you should get something out of it. On the other side, we also think that human connections are more important today. If you are connected to a world of human beings, you’d never feel alone and together, we can drop the illness of loneliness, social isolation, depression, etc. and make a safer world for tomorrow.

Being a localite is not just all about earning, it’s more about making human connections and spreading a word happiness into the life of someone you didn’t know before. That’s where you bring more people into your life who think about you and care about you. Our mission is to create a safer, connected and easily accessible place for all those who love traveling and meeting new people.

Ask yourself:
Would you not like to be a part of such a world that is safer, more connected with real human beings, and more loved?

So if you’re a part of the localites community, you’re on your own. We do not charge any penny from your trips because whatever the amount you make from your trips, it’s all yours. The payments are offline so you don’t need to worry at all about the % deduction or commission per trip. There’s nothing at all! If any localite ask you that I need to pay some percentage to localites so the total amount will be this, please report us to [email protected] immediately so that we can take action.

Let’s foster this global community together and create a change for our future generation to make then feel connected throughout the world!

We’re always ready to listen to our community members. If you’ve any suggestions, queries, doubts, questions, problems, you can directly reach us at [email protected] We would make sure to get back to you as soon as we can.

Join the global community of localites and travel and meet people from the real world. Download the community app from Google Play or App Store and start your journey today!

Thanks for reading.

Have a good day!
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