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Jan 21


Must experience festivals of Spain

Spain is life. Spain is beauty. Spain is colours. Spain is passion. And it is always celebrating. The Spanish are full of energy, always ready to play, to dance and to celebrate their culture. They have huge festive seasons and small festive seasons. Most of the world has heard about their famous Tomatino Tomato festival and the magnificent San Fermin aka Pamplona Bull Run. But the country becomes more and more beautiful as you go more local, and enjoy their many other as beautiful festivals. And guess what? It is much more cheaper to get into these festives, with half the crowd.

Come have a look with us at a few other festivals from the country of Spain:

Cristianos Y Moros

A country and it's locals are best understood when you know their history, from their perspective. Spanish history is dominated by the clash of two main cultures, the Moors and the Christians. Cristianos Y Moros is a celebration that takes place where the battles between this two cultures are brought to life again through dance, drama, street parades and performances across the city. The inner child in all of us would extremely enjoy this festival as these 'mock battles' as they take place in giant papier mache castles. The mock battle covers 700 years of the Spanish history. Alicante and Granada are two cities who have the most noteworthy battles.

Patios de Córdoba

Citizens in Córdoba are in their competitive element in the month of May as it is time for Patios de Córdoba !! The tradition started in 1921 where town hall started this competition for the entire city. Every family decorates their courtyards or patios with leafy green plants, flowers, fountains , bushes and other natural means. The most lush, beautiful garden wins the prize, and the city celebrates the entire day with music, dance and wine.

Las Dallas

Valencia has its own way of celebrating carpenters and the life of their art. Saint Joseph was the patron saint of carpenters. He is celebrated by artists around the city creating giant papier máché models of popular figures that are then are exhibited to the city during the parade. It is also a medium for satire as artists might choose to make models of politicians and important authority figures. The festival is marked by it's ferocious climax where all the creation are burnt along with fireworks. They call this day Las Dallas. The spirit of the city on the day is something that you can only experience and not describe.

Near Death Festival

This one is my personal favorite and most nihilists around the world might find it fascinating. While the country is celebrating its food, dance, music, culture and history around the year, the Spanish also celebrate death. The natives in a small village in Spain named Neves, celebrate the Near Death Festival. Everyone who 'experienced death' in the past year are taken in coffins to thank Saint Marta, the patron of saint of death.

Festa Major de Gràcia

What is the whole point of festivals? To bring people together, to celebrate the community, or simply to have a reason to forget all our worries for a while and simply experience the joy of being in a community. The Gracia festival aka Festa Major de Gràcia captures the essence of any festival. Celebrated in the hot summer out on the streets, it asks the residents of Gracia city to forget about their worries for a while and come to the communal tables that have been decorated in the entire city. The elaborate decorations are based of several themes such as history, local politics, marien life, solar systems, mythology etc. Om the tiny streets , thousands of people come together to have lunch, play board games, outdoor concerts, and simply having fun by being together. Starts in the afternoon and goes on till the night, the week is full of opportunities to be happy and joyous.

This list is not even cover one-tenth of the festivals that go around the year , in every city of Spain. It is country who knows that the secret to happiness is to celebrate and to come together. Problems will come and go, but let us not forget to dance, sing, eat, drink, and play every once in a while.

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