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Sept 15


How traveling is more entertaining than Netflix?

Netflix is love! Nothing is better than staying in on the weekend, chilling in your shorts and watching characters on TV shows go through life. Right? Wrong. Staying in is sure fun sometimes. But it is not these shows that change your life, it is the real experiences.

Sure binge-watching is convenient and comfortable. But all the real magic happens outside that bubble of comfort. And because we the localites team loves traveling, we have compiled for you a list of the 5 reasons why traveling is better than watching stuff in your bed. It’s in bullet points because we know you love that. Let’s go, shall we?

1. Inspiration that stays

We all know that you can watch the most inspiring movie on a Sunday night, and still hate your life on Monday. This is simply because, unless you hear stories from people who have actually lived it, you won’t find inspiration that really stays. Stories and people you meet yourself will leave a mark on you that no movie can. These people and their stories, they are powerful treasures the world holds, and meeting them will change your life for real. Don’t get us wrong. Pursuit of Happiness deserves all the love in the world, but there are so many heroes and winners in this world, and the movies cover a mere few. Talking to even one unwritten story, a magician on the streets of Venice or a hip hop artist on the roads of India have a story that deserves an ear; and you deserve the inspiration.

2. Food is meant to be eaten!

We love the Master-chef series and everything about it. We have binged watched all the food shows and damn it feels great. But what feels better is to go to the streets of a strange city, and actually eat those delicacies. Watching international cuisines while eating only chips and leftover pizza is straight-up disrespect to how amazing food is. That’s just not fair. Go out there, eat those flavors, and get good drooling pictures for your Instagram. Be your own Gordon Ramsay and share about the flavors you taste. We promise you it will be fun.

3. All the world’s a stage — Shakespeare

All the people in this world are characters from the biggest drama/thriller/ comedy and romance ever created and it is called life. The most amazing thing about this world is the people and animals it is home to. It holds the most amazing life stories, moments funnier than the best sitcom shows and mushy moments all over it. This planet is full of people (a little too many though) and it is the most magical thing to explore the world, one character at a time.

4. The thrill of an adventure

What is it that we love the most about our shows? It is the ups and downs of their life, that feeling of being lost on an island or finding true love in a bar. Sure we have those ups and downs in our own lives too. But every city and every culture has a different adventure to offer. Your love might be waiting at some local bar, but you’re still in bed watching a scripted love story. There could be so many different chapters to your story and you need to add those chapters to your life. Just get up and start your journey!

5. The aesthetic backgrounds

To be honest my favorite thing about movies and shows is the setting of each scene. It always blows my mind, how it is simply conveniently sunset, when the couple has a romantic kiss, and how the character is always around or near the sea when they are going through a huge self-reflection moment, and that the city is sufficiently crowded when they are lost, and there are birds around when they feel cheerful. As someone who absolutely loves movies, I want nothing less than actually live them and traveling allows me to do so. I can’t simply listen to The Beatles and Coldplay in my messy room. Traveling brings you the opportunity to be in the right background, and give your music and life, the extra beautiful background scenes it deserves.

We often postpone our travel plans, save it for later, and wait for a time when it will be convenient. But the magic of traveling is in having a million hurdles and then doing it anyway. Life will figure itself out if you give yourself permission to go out and explore.

Now we know what you all are screaming. A subscription to Netflix is way cheaper. Traveling sounds cool but it comes with a heavy cost and is super expensive. Before you stop your soul to go out on that little barrier, we got you covered — Hacks to Travel Cheap.

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