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Sept 12


How to travel cheap?

It is a Sunday morning, and like a good old hag, you are re-watching “UP’ for the third time. You have already cried your eyes out when I want to grow old with you played. At this point, you have convinced yourself that you might not have true love in your life, but you do have that list of places ‘I want to travel’ in some old diary you made on an extra positive day, and it is time to get that list checked. But then you check your bank account and you know there is a reason why you have been having milk for dinner every second night.

But for those who truly seek the wonders of the world, money is just an excuse. The human soul was meant to travel and explore the way before the construct of money came into place. And if it did not stop our ancestors to start moving around the world with just one stick and one wolf may be, it shouldn’t stop us either.

This is what brings us here to tell you top hacks/tips to travel cheaper and help you fulfill your dream on minimum expenses.

1. Treasure experience over material things

This one is the bigger change we are trying to focus on, in order to be able to use the hacks coming hereafter. As travelers, we should treasure the experiences it offers us more than anything else in the world. It is not about buying expensive food, comfortable rides, luxury hotel rooms or 100 souvenirs. It is and will always be about seeking experiences and to know more about the world and yourself.

2. Hacks to cheaper tickets

There are more than one ways to find cheaper flight tickets and we need to summon them all to get the best deal. Use your incognito tab while booking tickets so AI doesn’t mess up with your previous preferences. A new window will show you the cheapest, most competitive prices they have to offer. Try to book a return flight at the same time. Go for layovers, if they come at a cheaper price, with an opportunity to walk around in one more city. Lastly, travel light and avoid any charges for extra luggage.

3. Hire a localite

A mistake travelers often do is ask other people around them for travel tips. We go to our friends around us or on the internet to ask about where and how to go. What they all offer us is the traveler’s perspective. If you want to save money, ask the locals. They know the cheapest ways to travel around the city, the best and cheapest places to eat, best places to stay and everything else you need. Thankfully there are apps like localites that help you hire a local in the city you are traveling to. What else, you can earn some money by being a guide to travelers in your city and get some extra cash for your future adventures.

4. Volunteer at a place for a longer stay

If you can extend your tip a tiny little bit, add volunteering in the town to your itinerary. Hostels and even certain organizations let you live and have food with them if you offer volunteer service in return. Free stay cuts down on 40% of the expenditure on your trip. Look for a local on localites if you can find one who is willing to host you for free or at low cost, accept that to reduce your expenditures.

5. Travel during low seasons

Everything from tickets, accommodation and excursions are cheaper just before the peak season. Adjust your holidays around wisely and opt for times when your time of visit is not the peak season for the town, but somewhere around it. If you tour with locals you will find a way to enjoy the city in every season.

6. Eat Local food

Next easy way to not only travel cheap but to enhance your experience on the road is to go for the local street food. Find out what and where the daily wage workers in the city eat. The street food is usually the best part of traveling experiences, but street food from the right and cheapest places is what we are aiming for. Make friends and see if localities will help you have lunch at their place.

7. Travel to cheaper countries or cities

A 2 week trip in Paris is as expensive as a 2-month stay in Thailand. The world, no matter where you go, has a lot to offer. Smash any stereotypes about ideal places to travel, and opt for cheaper places to travel. Compare currencies and find what is most suitable to you. It is ultimately the local experience that will make your journey worthwhile.

The way to nail traveling on a budget is to eat, sleep, transport, and live like a local, no matter how small your stay is. Become friends with the locals to not only cut down on your experiences but also to enrich your experience.

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