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Sept 26


How localites plan to become a synonym to travel?

Touristic places have earned a lot. No more, please. Travelers do not want to waste their money again and again on purchasing the tickets of some heritage places or spots, even after visiting once. That’s bullshit! So what’s next then?

What if there would’ve been a global community of localites?

localites make your travel worthy by connecting you with native people or residents who know the city’s ins-outs profoundly and are interested in showing you their city or host you or pick-up you. And that’s what a true traveler looks for.

Believe it or not, traveling isn’t easy. It takes a lot to travel, but it’s exciting when we travel with the people of this community. We’re true travelers and know the pain of traveling. Let’s look at the problems and challenges a traveler face from starting off his journey to landing back in his home city and how localites is helping you get rid of all of those:

1. No local transportation problem
2. No need of hiring a traditional tour guide
3. No language barrier while traveling the world
4. Get rid of Google Map; a localite knows the city
5. Explore the grassroots of a city without any fear
6. Enough is enough; no more cultural/traditional insults
7. Get help in your itinerary from the native people
8. Eat like locals and taste dishes from locally-known spots
9. Explore something unexplored and make your travel easy
10. And when back home, be a localite in your home city; meet travelers, make friends, and earn hourly!

Trust me, we’ve faced these problem a lot. Didn’t you? If yes, then why not let’s build a global community where people from all corners of the world are happy to make you feel special and loved? Where people share different values, languages, culture, tradition, food, experiences, and learning without any fear and obligation. Where people care about the people!

localites.co community is over the world. We’d be glad to have you if you love traveling and wants to get off your bed and start the journey instead of watching watching Netflix (by the way, if you’re Netflix addicted, here we explained how traveling is more entertaining than Netflix). We’re committed to bring as much excitement and make your travel memorable and worthy as possible.

The best part is, if you choose to be a part of this community, you won’t stop traveling ever in your whole life. What I mean is, once a localite, always a localite. Still, it’s all up to you when you want to travel. localites allows you a simple feature of changing your availability status in one of followings: ‘Accepting Trip Requests’, ‘Maybe Accepting Trip Requests’, or ‘Not Accepting Trip Requests’. What this mean is, once you are home, you can still choose to travel with the travelers visiting your home city and have fun and earn if you want to or you can choose to travel with them freely, just update your profile.

Nowadays, people want more. They want realistic things and experiences which live longer in their lives, not just for the sake of posting on some social media. They want to meet people. They want to feel special and connected.

Traveling isn’t all about just clicking picture. In our eyes, it’s more about creating and building your own self. It’s more about creating memories and taking them home back. Material things may not last longer, but friendship, human connections, and memories always will be with you.

So let’s create an impact by helping each other and supporting the idea of the community, we’re all one!

To be part of the community, we expect you to be yourself first. To deal with humans, you need to be genuine. It’s not like joining Facebook or Instagram. Here, you’ll be a special part of the community, unlike just a user. And we would encourage you to read about the community first before you decide of being a part of it because unless you understand the community and it’s mission, there’s no sense of downloading the app.

Join the global community of localites and travel and meet new people. Download the community app from Google Play or App Store and start your journey today!

Thanks for reading.

Have a good day!
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