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Sept 10


How localites is different from traditional tour guide agencies?

To be honest, traveling isn’t an easy thing. It takes a lot to travel. It’s very normal to see ups and downs during your travel when you don’t do sufficient research and read about the destination. Sometimes we end up paying penalties by either way by money or with unwanted words for not following rituals or traditions of that place. Sometimes, we end up taking wrong routes because of less guidance about local transportation and roads. That really sucks! And here we need someone who can make our travel super easy and cool!

Till now, hiring a traditional local guide isn’t enough. In most of the cases, the company who provides local guide would decide your itinerary and ask you to follow that along with a guide, not a friend. In travel, when commercial things come up, it destroys the real fun and adventure of traveling. Businesses just think about themselves first then the traveler or tourists because they know very well that one person will rarely visit that country or place again with them because the world is huge so why would someone go back to one city again and again?

And here, travelers get disappointed after paying enough of bucks to them for nothing but being their customer for a while. Even the guide you would hire will behave commercially and you wouldn’t be able to connect with him nicely. ‘What will you take from this world if you’re not making friends and chilling out with them today?’ We will need human touch always to keep the livelihood of mankind.

No doubt, if you want to travel a couple of tourist places being a tourist, hire a traditional local guide. That’s best for you! But if you’re a traveler who loves to go beyond the limits and explore something unexplored, you’d not like paying to someone who will take you through a couple of known places which you can easily travel with Google. That’s not a smart choice, my friend.

So what’s the solution to this? localites is the right solution! Let’s compare how it will add value to your travel:

1. Hire whomever you want

This one is the bigger change we are trying to focus on, in order to be able to use the hacks coming hereafter. As travelers, we should treasure the experiences it offers us more than anything else in the world. It is not about buying expensive food, comfortable rides, luxury hotel rooms or 100 souvenirs. It is and will always be about seeking experiences and to know more about the world and yourself.

2. localites does not ask you to pay at all

Is it? Yes, at localites we believe that it takes a lot to earn money and you wouldn’t like it spending just like that so, localites provides a complete offline payment interface where we do not indulge in your traveling at all. You just talk to the localite directly like you talk to any of your friends and negotiate or whatever it is, you do it yourself.

We do not ask for your credit card details or any up-front payment for hiring or connecting with a localite. It’s as free as WhatsApp. Even we do not show any ads on our platform to keep a not irritated user-experience.

3. Here you can talk to the localite before you decide of taking trip with him or her

Yes, you can and even we encourage you to do that. Because traveling isn’t business for travelers. They want it to be as real and lively as possible. The more you are connected with people today, the happier you’ll live your tomorrow. So make friends, explore places and create memories.

Talk to your localite before you even pay a single penny. Download the application, complete your profile and find a localite from the city you’re about to visit and send them trip requests. Once they’d accept your request, you can start to chat with them and decide how it will go. That’s really great!

4. A complete flexible trip as per your interests and wants

It is you and your localite friend who will be deciding based on your interests. If you are foodie, you can simply tell your localite that I want to explore delicious foods and a variety of dishes in this city so let’s plan a trip like that! That’s again a great thing in comparison to hiring a traditional tour guide. So stop it, people have already spent a huge amount of money on hiring them and got nothing out of it!

With the community, you stay close to us and localites always. Because once you reach home, you can change settings in your profile to ‘Accepting Trip Requests’ and still meet travelers who will be coming to your city!

5. Travel like traveling with friends

This is what everyone wants! We want to make friends and meet new people on our travel. People make traveling more exciting, thrilling, and filled with amazing experiences.

On localites, no one is a stranger. Everyone is a member of a large community. A community of people who love to stay connected with other people. We’d having country-specific localites summit to bring people closer and create the largest community!

We at localites are committed to change the way world travel today and creating an equal economic opportunity for every individual who loves traveling and meeting new people!

Join the global community of localites and travel and meet people from the real world. Download the community app from Google Play or App Store and start your journey today!

Thanks for reading.

Have a good day!
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