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How Couchsurfers can benefit from the localites community?

There are two things that all travelers are obsessed with – experiencing new places and saving money. We all plan our travels with the goals of maximizing experience and minimizing expenses. I swear there have been trips where I have spent a lot more time checking and comparing the prices of all the hotels, flight and restaurants than the time I actually spent looking at the damn (but also always beautiful) mountain. It is almost as exhausting to plan a trip as to go on one. There are a million things you need to plan while traveling. Accommodation, travel, food, activities, guides, language , transport and everything else. To all the travelers, roaming the world on a budget, CouchSurfing was a blessing. It sorted out and minimised the biggest expense on all of them, the accommodation. There is a room for a lot more magic, when the CouchSurfers meet the localites community, to find everything that is possible. It offers you a lot more to experience with side tips for saving money all along the way.

Choosing the right CouchSurfer

The platform has been a blessing and like all blessings, it has been misused. In spite of the guidelines, it can sometimes lead you to wrong and unsafe places. If you already have a localite in the city, they can help you talk or talk on your behalf to different couch surfers, and help you choose the right one. They might even have a better idea of the location of your crashing place and how convenient they are from the places that you are planning to go to. Just finding the right place can make a difference of bucks that you will spend on transport and food in the city.

Finding places to visit

localites work as your guides, partners and saviours on your trip. Once you keep your luggage and find a couch to crash, you need to go out there and figure this new city out. We all go to a city with an exciting picture of what it might be like. It might be your first time in Paris, and suddenly you wouldn’t know where to go after the Eiffel Tower, and everything will be too expensive. To live the picture and vibe you expected, you need to go to the right places. Your localite can help you find the right places for your tastes and preferences. A city offers food, people, local art, secret nature spots, history, places to party, or simply the streets it runs on. Every person is looking for their own experience in the city and a localite can help you find what you want to experience and ensure that you go back to your crashing place with a smile and fulfilled memories.

Deciding where to eat

A typical traveler from this generation would as people on their instagram, best places to eat in a city they are visiting, and then end up in a mass chain cafe. Your guides and even the place you crash at, might tell you everywhere you need to go and we somehow will magically still end up in some typical cafe that serves sandwiches. And you know what, I get it. We are already out of our comfort zone, experimenting might be scary, the menu always is in some code language, street food is tempting but who knows if your stomach can handle it, and we don’t want to accidentally eat something we boycott or hate. A localite will save you from all the trouble. You cannot miss out on local food. I mean if we are not eating our heads out on a travel, what is even the point of anything. All you need is a partner to help you choose, decode the menu, take you to the cheapest places that will fill your stomachs and heart. Any couch surfer would love a localite simply if they got the right food at the right price.

Planning events and making more local friends

If there is something that both the communities love, it is meeting and sharing experiences with people on a global level. Localites ambassadors around the world plan monthly events for the community to meet up and create memories together. Travelers indeed need to meet more with each other, share ideas, hacks and secrets about their travel adventures, and make the journey easier and more exciting. Couch surfers and localites collaboration by the members of the community can make our journeys so much richer.

Last but not the least, you can earn with the localites community

You heard me right! Our application provides both options to all members. You can choose to decide whether you want to charge an hourly rate while you're taking travelers on local tours or you want to do it for free; just like hosting people on CouchSurfing. The interesting thing about this global community is, we do not charge anything from your trips and tours. If you put a price on your profile and once a traveler asks you to take them on local trips, you can meet and decide. All payments will be done offline by the traveler and as per your convenience. We don't even want to know what payment methods you'll use.

People and communities coming together always leads to magic. Couchsurfers love meeting new people. And so do localites.

Join the global community of localites and travel and meet people from the real world. Download the community app from Google Play or App Store and start your journey today!

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